I finally went for it and am making my dreams become reality. I  am documenting every step along the way to help you find your freedom and start LOVIN LIVIN.


Van Build & remote fitness guide 

Live simple. live free.

I had this dream for a few years. After graduating college and working full time, I couldn’t settle for this “success plan” society pushes us to believe in. I just couldn’t fathom working  a 9-5 for the rest of my days. So I went for it and hopefully this site helps you chase your dreams also. Life is too short to not be lovin livin every damn day.

Get Uncomfortable.

Best Gym Equipment For Remote Fitness

Discover the most versatile gym equipment to buy for your van. the goal is to always search for something that can be used for a variety of different tasks. Check out what i learned along the way and what equipment i choose to have in my van. 

Find my posted workouts here. (add link later)

top gym equipment picks

Why Buy A Van?

After the initial purchase of the van & buildout…. You actually Save money on crazy rent prices while seeing the world.

Declutter your life and rid yourself of all Those unimportant materialistic things you’ve accumulated. You will gain a lifetime of memories instead!

Why NOT! Life is way too short to not do something that scares you and excites you at the same time. Get out of your comfort zone and start lovin livin.

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